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    how to add attachment  facility in notification screen.


      I need to know how to attach a new attachment in notification page( like a comment box).

      Thanks in advance,
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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle
          The following is the procedure to attach files to notification
          1. In the workflow you need to define the notification message attribute of type DOCUMENT/PLSQLCLOB/PLSQLBLOB depends on the type of attachment i.e doc, pdf,jpg...etc
          2. You have to write a procedure with the following format that returns the text/binary data of the attached file
          procedure <procedure name> (document_id in varchar2,
          display_type in varchar2,
          document in out clob,
          document_type in out varchar2)

          3. Specify the message attribute defined in step1 in the format "(plsqlclob:<procedure>/<document_identifier>). <procedure> "
          4. Now send the notification
          5. In the notification you can see the attachment
          6. Please refer to workflow developer guide for more details