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    Load Flat file to Oracle

      Hi Experts,

      I have a flatfile(100,000 records) that I am loading into Oracle table using LKM File to SQL and IKM SQL Incremental Update. I made truncate target table to true during the load to makesure the table is empty and does not update. so here is the problem. whenever i load the flatfile into the table, the order of records in the table does not match the order of the file records in the flatfile. How do I fix the order?

      Thanks in advance.
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          In oracle it does default sorting while its fetching, before inserting into oracle.
          How the data has been sorted (on which columns) in the flat file?

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            A. Drieux
            if you can create an extra column in your target table, create a "row_no" column.
            Then mapp it with the oracle analytic function "ROW_NUMBER() OVER ()" and use the order by clause in it.

            ex : row_number() over (order by your_source_column).

            You don't care about the content of this column but the data will be ordered by the source column you want.
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              I don't have a sort column, thiis file is a combination of multiple files.

              Thanks for you quick response.
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                Without knowing the sorting column in flat file, I am not sure how you could do this.
                Just in case if you have found the columns, then I think you need to modify the IKM for that. For and example, if you have chosen "IKM SQL control Append" , you need to modify command on target in the step "Insert flow into I$ table" or final target step.
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                  A. Drieux
                  Did you try another LKM, like the "LKM file to oracle SQL LOADER" ?

                  Maybe the order won't be affected with sql loader.
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                    Hi Drieux,

                    I just thought of trying "LKM file to oralce (SQL Loader)" and ended with the same error as in the the thread https://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=10688471#10688471
                    Do you have any idea?

                    Error is org.apache.bsf.BSFException: exception from Jython:
                    Traceback (most recent call last):
                    File "<string>", line 33, in <module>
                    Load Error: See D:\projects\UAC_Integration\Data/PREF.log for details

                         at org.apache.bsf.engines.jython.JythonEngine.exec(JythonEngine.java:146)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpScriptingInterpretor.execInBSFEngine(SnpScriptingInterpretor.java:346)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.SnpScriptingInterpretor.exec(SnpScriptingInterpretor.java:170)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.scripting(SnpSessTaskSql.java:2457)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.execution.cmd.ScriptingExecutor.execute(ScriptingExecutor.java:47)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.execution.cmd.ScriptingExecutor.execute(ScriptingExecutor.java:1)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.execution.TaskExecutionHandler.handleTask(TaskExecutionHandler.java:50)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.processTask(SnpSessTaskSql.java:2906)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.treatTask(SnpSessTaskSql.java:2609)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessStep.treatAttachedTasks(SnpSessStep.java:537)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessStep.treatSessStep(SnpSessStep.java:453)
                         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSession.treatSession(SnpSession.java:1740)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.processor.impl.StartSessRequestProcessor$2.doAction(StartSessRequestProcessor.java:338)
                         at oracle.odi.core.persistence.dwgobject.DwgObjectTemplate.execute(DwgObjectTemplate.java:214)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.processor.impl.StartSessRequestProcessor.doProcessStartSessTask(StartSessRequestProcessor.java:272)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.processor.impl.StartSessRequestProcessor.access$0(StartSessRequestProcessor.java:263)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.processor.impl.StartSessRequestProcessor$StartSessTask.doExecute(StartSessRequestProcessor.java:822)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.processor.task.AgentTask.execute(AgentTask.java:123)
                         at oracle.odi.runtime.agent.support.DefaultAgentTaskExecutor$2.run(DefaultAgentTaskExecutor.java:82)
                         at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)

                    log file says ..

                    SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Tue Nov 13 15:42:52 2012

                    Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

                    SQL*Loader-704: Internal error: ulconnect: OCIServerAttach [0]
                    ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

                    I have hard coded the step "call sqlldr" in LKM and and tested and got the same error. Also I have have created tns entry in the local tns file to match it.