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    Can't set property 'guestVMPresent' when accessing any host


      Whenever I click on Targets --> Hosts and then drill down into a host (click on a hostname), I get this error:

      Can't set property 'guestVMPresent' on class 'oracle.sysman.core.host.ui.HostConfigurationPageBean' to value 'null'.

      It then shows me screen asking if I'd like to view the log file, but when I click on this, there isn't a log file to view.

      Notes about this:
      I have hosts on Win32, OEL 5.6 and OEL 6. They all behave the same.

      There are 2 other DBAs besides myself, and neither of them get this error. Some differences are that I have preferrred and named credentials and some jobs attached to them.

      I created a TESTER account based off of theirs and do not get the error.

      Oracle suppor tells me that this is Bug 14800624 - INTERNAL ERROR WHEN ACCESSING HOST ON OEM12.1.0.2
      However, this bug states it happens when the targets are hosted under VMWare. That's not my case.

      Anyone with other ideas?