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    Character set conversion in oracle

      Hi All,
      I am having some strange issue while loading a csv file into oracle data base

      csv data is as below :
      æ ªå¼ä¼ç¤¾ã ã¼ãã¼ã¤ã³ãã¯ã,mega

      this should be converted to 株式会社ムービーインパクト,mega while loading into oracle database . I have tried to use NSL_language but didnt work.
      Could someone please help on this .
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          OK, you have a CSV file. What character set is used to encode that file?
          How are you loading that file into Oracle? Are you using SQL*Loader/ external tables? Or are you using something else?
          What is the data type of the column(s) you are trying to load the data into? CHAR/ VARCHAR2? Or NCHAR/ NVARCHAR2?
          What is the database and national character set of the database?