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    ADF Mobile Java 1.4 APIs

    Bryan Laipple
      JDev with ADF Mobile extension

      Can someone point me to the location for the official set of Java ME 1.4 APIs supported by ADF Mobile?

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          Currently the JavaVM is based on the JavaME CDC spec, and is based on Java 1.4. So look for the JavaME CDC APIs and you get the supported ones

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            Bryan Laipple
            Thanks Frank.

            I've been looking at the JavaME documetation and see that any ME implementation is a set of APIs that are bundled with a configuration, profile(s) and optional packages. The CDC (JSR 218) is the configuration I'm interested in, and I've found that the profiles for CDC are Foundation Profile (JSR 219), Personel Basis Profile (JSR 217) and Personal Profile (JSR 216), so that leaves the optional packages. Is there a list of the JSRs corresponding to the optional packages that are supported by ADF Mobile's specific implementation of the JavaME CDC?
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              Chris Muir-Oracle
              Sent query internally, will get back to you.

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                Joe Huang-Oracle
                Hi, Bryan, there are 4 links that should help:

                1. CDC API comparison chart:
                (See especially column for "FP 1.1 JSR 219" which is the same as the Java ME/CDC/Foundation Profile 1.1.2 found in ADF Mobile)

                2. Javadoc of APIs in CDC/Foundation Profile Libraries:

                3. Javadoc of APIs in JDBC for CDC:

                4. Documentation about Java ME CDC/Security Optional Package:
                (NOTE: OJEC or aka OJMEEC is about the same as the Java ME CDC/Foundation Profile/SecOP found in ADF Mobile)

                I will also cross post to the ADF Mobile team blog (blogs.oracle.com/mobile) with this info.


                Joe Huang
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                  Bryan Laipple
                  Excellent. Thanks Joe!