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    Crystal Ball Icons No Longer Appear in Excel Spreadsheet

      I purchased Crystall Ball 7.3.960 from Decisioneering approximately 5 years ago and have been using it very successfully on my Dell Inspiron Laptop with Windows XP and Microsoft Excel 2003 until just recently. Suddenly the Crystal Ball icons, etc. no longer appear in Excel as add-ins and I cannot figure out how to get these add-ins to reappear so that I can operate Crystal Ball.

      One strange thing that has occurred is that when I click on Start > Programs I can no longer find Crystal Ball in the programs list. However, I when I use Windows Explorer and search the Program Subdirectory directory there is a Decisioneering Subdirectory with the software apparently in that subdirectory.

      Does anyone have suggestions on how I can fix this problem and get the Crystal Ball up and running again? I am strictly an end user and not that proficient with these kind of fixes. My PC has experienced a couple of virus attacks in the past and wonder if those started these problems.