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    Public Sector Planning - Adding a Dimension

    F. Arabak
      I have added a new dimension in a Public Sector planning application called Fund. After adding the new dimension I am not able to pull up any forms as I am stopped by an error that reads "Not all dimensions are represented in the form". Is there a systematic way to add the new dimension to the forms or do I have to modify one form at a time?
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          F. Arabak
          To answer my own question... do not add a dimension to HCP. The way we set up the app was to use all 4 plan types, HCP, Expense cube, Revenue cube, and a reporting cube. The reporting cube has all dimensions but no calcs (just Xrefs), and the extra dimensions that HCP requires are mapped to the required dimensions in the reporting cube via smartlists.

          In short, don't add dimensions to HCP, use smartlists