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    what Unverified really means on av.AccuracyCode?

      I have been running some tests with AV and found that most of the addresses I'm trying come out with the av.AccuracyCode of Unverified. I can't find much documentation of what this exactly means but I also noticed under the accuracy code the data was "Identified and Parsed".This leads me to believe the data was actually matched against the global address repository but OEDQ was not able to verify the address. Example for: United States California San Francisco the av.AccuracyCode was: U00-I22-P0-100. The I under I22 means Identified and Parsed. Could anyone confirmed the data was matched against the AV global repository? In my case this is sufficient to say the data provided was valid (since it matches with true data) no matter there was no complete address to be verified. I have search in all the Oracle documentation and have not found anything. I did find a way to understand the av.accuracycode through the www.loqate.com website.
      Help Please!
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          could you pls confirm on the version and where have you downloaded the Addres verification.
          i faced similar issue on the latest Adress verification edelivery . Try the previous version it works.

          u represent unverified.
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            An unverified result where the address could be identified and parsed means no part of the address could be verified, but the data was recognized as address data and formatted using lexical rules.

            A guide to the accuracy code is included in the OEDQ online help, installed on the server but also available here:


            Note that AV needs some clue as to the country of the address if it is going to verify any part of it. If this is not present, use OEDQ to add it. For example, the Address Clean service that comes in the Customer Data Service Pack has a default country that you can set if no country is specified. Also, of course, the data for the relevant country must be installed.



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              I would also note that 'United States California San Francisco' would appear to be a very unusual input address to test, but that if you input this, the normal return code would indicate a partial match. It would probably help to input the data into the right inputs (e.g. San Francisco into Locality, California into Admin Area, and United States into Country), or at least in the normal order.
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                Finally, I would not recommend going back to an older version of EDQ Address Verification. We have performed extensive testing of the later version and it will normally give you better results. Using an old version also means using old data.
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