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    Fault Policy - Handle Multiple Faults


      I have a requirement that i need to call a webservice Y from BPEL Process Z
      Both are on different networks.

      Y can return two types of fault
      1. Fault Xyz (Business Fault)
      2. Fault Pqr (Remote Fault)

      I need to create a fault policy so that
      when I get Xyz Fault it retries an an interval of 30 mins for 100 times.
      when I get Pqr Fault it retries an an interval of 5 mins for 100 times.

      I have implemented it, but it works bit differently that what i expect.
      The fault which comes first, the retry interval is taken of that fault.

      Below is my policy file:
      <faultPolicies xmlns="http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/faultpolicy">
      <faultPolicy version="2.0.1" id="FPolicy123"

           <faultName xmlns:ff="http://xmlns.oracle.com/testApplication/FP_1/B" name="ff:Xx11iFault">
                     <action ref="ora-retry"/>

      <faultName xmlns:bpelx="http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension" name="bpelx:remoteFault">
                     <action ref="ora-retry_rf"/>

           <Action id="ora-retry">
      <retryFailureAction ref="ora-terminate"/>
           <Action id="ora-retry_rf">
      <retryFailureAction ref="ora-terminate"/>
      <Action id="ora-terminate">


      Please suggest a solution on this.