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    open script issue during playback

      i am facing issues with open script during the playback.
      i recorded the actions by selecting the ADFScript option.

      it was working fine for some time and once the serer is restarted i am facing the problem.

      Failed: Variable "stream_request" not found for string: http://localhost:19000{{ADFContentAction,/hfmadf/faces/hfm.jspx?_adf.ctrl-state=vsl35iwci_4}}&Adf-Rich-Message=true&unique=1352090928963&oracle.adf.view.rich.STREAM={{stream_request,pt1:rgnTb0:1:docpt1:pc1:dMTable}}&javax.faces.ViewState={{adf_input_p90iu5xjf,!p90iu5xjf}}&oracle.adf.view.rich.forceHTML=true      

      please help to resolve this issue.