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    Replace Workshop for Weblogic 10 and Beehive

      I am developing in a quite large legacy system consisting of a handful of applications developed with Workshop for Weblogic 10.0. The system contains of thousands of JSP-pages and action classes. It communicates mainly using Tuxedo/JDBC.

      As Beehive entered Attic in 2010 and Java5 is two generations old it is about time to upgrade this system to current frameworks.

      The application servers are WLS 10 and it is ok to keep them running for a while. Focus is on replacing Workshop for Weblogic 10.0 and Beehive as a first step, and then move on.

      As far as I can tell, there is no automagic way of replacing Beehive with an out of the box solution. I've read a few white papers regarding this, but I'd like a more hands on approach. Where to start?

      Should we upgrade to Workshop 10.3 first and then move to Eclipse and OEPE? How do we move on from 10.3?
      How do we replace Beehive and Workshop (using Facets which automagically creates struts config etc.)?
      Can we upgrade parts of the system and keep parts during the upgrade?

      According to the commercials of Weblogic 11, "the upgrade has been done by 1,000's" :) However, the amount of howtos seems to be closer to none regarding the applications on the servers.

      BR Alex