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    How to configure Request Monitoring in OEM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I have deployed ADP manager and ADp agent in OEM 12c Cloud Control. There is a Middleware feature in OEM named "Request Monitorung" for which there is pre-requisite of deploying ADP manager and ADP agent. I read an oracle document for Request Monitoring but fail to understand its capability and significance also I am not able to configure it. Can anyone provide me with some good links explaining this particular feature in OEM. In the document which I read it is mentioned that

      "To view and configure requests, grant the Request Monitoring Administrator privilege which provides full access to the Request Monitoring pages and allows the user to modify the request configuration settings. For richer Request Monitoring functionality, we recommend that you grant the following privileges:

      ◦View any Target privilege which allows user to drill down to the Target Home page and to view the target metrics in the Topology view.

      ◦JVM Diagnostics privilege which allows user to drill down to the JVM Diagnostics pages from the Topology page. "

      How can I grant these priviledge is not mentioned here. Also the document which I am referring if for OEM I didn't find any document for OEM

      Please help!!

      Thanks in Advance!!
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          Hi Roshni,

          BTM supersedes Request Monitoring in functionality as it is payload aware and much more granular as a whole in regards to its requestion transaction monitoring capabilities. This is particularly true as we just released the Business Application dashboard as mentioned in the previous thread. It is highly recommended that BTM be used in 12c as opposed to the older Request Monitoring functionality.