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    Issue with ADP manager in OEM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I have deployed ADP manager and ADP agent in OEM Everything is working fine with it but I am not able to view dynamic topology for my application. Static topology is displayed fine. But in dynamic topology there is nothing dynamic about the topology also link among the components and services are missing. Its only displaying the different components and services present in the application.

      Can anyone please tell me what can be the issue?

      Please help!!

      Thanka in Advance!!
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          Hi Roshni,

          I assume this is a SOA application. Is this SOA Suite 11g or OSB? If so, you should be seeing static and dynamic topologies assuming that the application is under load of course. As ADP primarily is used to provide diagnostics through SOA, portal, and MVC apps (JSF, ADF, Struts), you normally wouldn't deploy it on a regular JSP/servlet type of application. Anyways, is there sufficient load on the application? If there is and you are still experiencing issues, I would recommend opening up an SR in this case just so our ADP support team can take a look at your log files to better understand what you are seeing.