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    Issue regarding Receiving Transaction Processor (ROI)

    Sanjay Desai EBS
      Hi Experts,

      We have EBS 11i ( .

      At the time of PO Receipt thru application, the following 3 concurrent processes are running.

      (1) Receiving Transaction Processor
      (2) Receipt Traveller Concurrent program
      (3) Journal Import

      After creating the receipt thru application, we can modify the taxes at receipt time also.

      Now, same thing we are doing with Interface.
      In this scenario, the receipt is created successfuly thru Interface.
      Right now, we are running the process : *'Receiving Transaction Processor'* manually for the same.
      After running this process, the second process: *'Receipt Traveller Concurrent program'* is not running. In place , process : *'India - Receiving Transaction Processor'* is running.

      Also, For receipt created thru interface, we cannot modify the taxes

      Can anyone guide me , what we have to do to run the process: *'Receipt Traveller Concurrent program'* and to change the taxes.

      KFI, the we have taken processing_mode_code = 'BATCH' in RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table.