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    HS.SetDataWithPOV help needed

      Hi All

      I am using HS.SetDatawithPov to input data at proportion level. But I want to do this for only one specific entity. Following is my code

      If pov_value="[Proportion]" THEN
      If pov_entity=E1 Then
      HS.SetDatawithPOV "A#A1.C1#[None].C2#[None].C3#[None].C4#[None].I#[ICP None]",100,false
      End IF
      End IF

      When i run the rule, no value is input in any of the entity members in any of the value dimension members(also no error shows up). But when I comment out lines 2 and 4 and run, then I get the value of 100 in proportion for all entities. I want this 100 to come only for entity E1. Is there anything that I am missing out?

      Appreciate all the help!