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    Issue while deploying B2B Adapter

      Dear All,

      I have developed one inbound interface using B2B adapter, which is working perfectly fine in DEV. After migrating code to PYT, B2B is processing the file but not routing it to B2B adapter. I guess there is some problem with app server connection, since we have selected app server connection while creating B2B adapter in DEV, but didn't get any place to change it while migrating the code to PYT.

      Can anyone help me and tell where I need to replace app server connection details for B2B adapter.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          Which mode of integration are you using in B2B adapter configuration in composite - Default (Fabric)/AQ/JMS?

          If using default then try after shutting-down and starting the composite once. If it does not work then try after redeploying the composite.

          If using JMS then make sure that in B2B Administration-->Configuration part, you have enabled JMS option.