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    OBIEE tabs

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      How to open different components in different tabs? Like, now, if i click on Home, it opens homepage, but when I click on Catalog, the catalog open in the same tab as homepage. How can I keep multiple components open at the same time? Version

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          I dont think you can open in new tab using mouse right click and in open new tab. If you know the address use it new tab
          something like

          If helps pls mark

          Do you have any updates on this?

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            Or you could use different browsers and navigate to the different pages on each browser (that's what I end up doing). Of course it depends on how many different pages you want to see at the same time.
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              user 1208988
              Thanks Jai and Sirni. I thought I would be able to open multiple reports or dashboards at the same time in single webpage like the way we view reports in Hyperion Workspace. Looks like OBIEE does not have the useful feature. Thanks anyway.
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                If you are on home page and wants to open catalog or any other page in the new window, just press ctrl and then click on dashboard link or catalog link it will open up in new page.