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    JDeveloper and the XSQL servlet - JDBC wrapping

      I'm using JDev I have an XSQL page that is using the include-owa action. The same page works fine in JDev, but that is using an integrated OC4J to run it. With 11g, of course, I'm trying to use the integrated Weblogic server.

      Running it in JDev, I'm getting the following result:
         <xsql-error action="xsql:include-owa">
            <message>weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.Clob_oracle_sql_CLOB cannot be cast to oracle.sql.CLOB</message>
      My research is telling me that the include-owa action returns the result either as a CLOB or an ARRAY, configurable using XSQLConfig.xml. Changing this gives me the same result, except that now the weblogic Array wrapper cannot be cast to oracle.sql.ARRAY.
      I also see that if you defined the data source on the Weblogic console, you could use an advanced setting to tell Weblogic to turn off wrapping the JDBC data types. I tried creating the connection-jdbc.xml file with the Application properties, but there is no option to add this advanced setting. I tried creating the data source on the WebLogic console and added the setting to not wrap. This works, but it is REALLY slow - I mean more than fifteen minutes to return a page that should take less than a second.

      I may ask Oracle Support, but in the meantime - any ideas?
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          I did post this with Oracle Support. Hasn't been resolved yet, but I'll bet they need to make a few changes in the way JDev configures the Integrated WebLogic server, and to instructions to developers. If I'm right, this won't be fixed until a later version of JDev.

          Workaround -
          You can change XSQLConfig.xml to switch from the data source connection factory to the XML Developer Kit's own connection factory. Instructions are in the comments. This will mean that you need to add your database connection information to the <connections> section of XSQLConfig.xml, rather than using a connection that you define in JDeveloper (found in connections.xml). And then change the connection attribute in your .xsql file.

          Only problem I'm having now is that the include-owa action is REALLY SLOW in WebLogic. I may have to start ANOTHER Support Request with Oracle Support - and this time it isn't just inconvenient, it is critical. I've got several of these XSQL applications working just fine in OC4J, but they've GOT to perform just as well in WebLogic.