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    Unable to create or build a DefaultDomain in jdeveloper

      I tried creating a default domain from jdeveloper Version and Version But it is not getting created. Only the below message is displayed in jdev message log.

      *[02:32:37 PM] Creating Integrated Weblogic domain...*

      CreateDefaultDomain.log file has the below log details.

      wlst >
      wlst > PATH=C:\Oracle\MIDDLE~1\patch_wls1035\profiles\default\native;...etc
      wlst >
      wlst > Your environment has been set.
      wlst >
      wlst > CLASSPATH=C:\Oracle\MIDDLE~1\patch_wls1035\profiles\default\sys_manifest_classpath\weblogic_patch.jar;..etc
      wlst >
      wlst > Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...
      wlst >

      I tried executing the CreateDefaultDomain.py file by following the below link.


      The DefaultDomain is created successfully, but it is not recognized by jdeveloper. Even I tried updating the file adrs-domain-config.xml from DefaultDomain, but it doesn't help.

      Can somebody help me to fix this issue on creating DefaultDomain.