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    Custom Resource User Report

      Hi all,

      I am trying to customize the Resource User Report. The case is that when I create a Resource User Report, instand of displaying all the attributes and the values of a user in every resource, I want to limit the number of atributes and choose which attributes to display in the result. Did anyone already do this before?

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          I would export the current reports taskdefinition and taskinstance then use the BPE to rename them and start from there
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            Hi and thanks for the reply,

            I already export and edit that task (Debug page/List Objects / TasDefinition and inside I export UI_TASKS_XML_RESOURCE_USER_REPORT). I figured out that this task is called from com.waveset.report.IndividualUserReport, so I think I have to work on this class/package (find out the jar, decompile the class, edit and compile, and then put it in the jar again). Do you think that this is the right way?

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              I guess that depends...

              I haven't checked that specific report, but if it's just a matter of removing and rearranging items, you could probably do it in by fixing the xml only...
              I will need to export and check that specific report to be sure though.

              I'll check the file and see...
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                Yeah well, I think I need to write my own Task Class 'InvididualUserReport' (which I called 'CustomInvididualUserReport' and that extends BaseReportTask ) where I have to query the waveset database for some values of some resource's attributes (just some specific attributes. Not all the attributes as the IndividualUserReport actually do).

                Can any of you help me on this?