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    Oracle Report Hang with error on 11g.

      Dear Team,

      I have following setup:-
      We are using oracle database 11g R2
      Oracle Forms & reports : 11.1.2
      O.S : Windows 7 Professional

      When I log in to forms, I am able to log in successfully, after that when i run the report from forms 11g, i receive the below error in web logic server.

      <Alert> <Diagnostics> <BEA-320016> <Creating diagnostic image in d:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\classicdomain\servers\adminserver\adr\diag\ofm\classicdomain\adminserver\incident\incdir_27 with a lockout minute period of 1>

      Reports were running fine till today, but only recently i made one change in rwserver.conf, i changed maxengine = 2 there.

      Secondly I setup xampp apache server and gave a path in windows folder to instantclient for successfully connecting with php.

      Please let me know is the error coming because of the 2 changes or either of the changes. Or else, please let me know any workaround to avoid this error.

      Thank you in advance.