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    PIA Installation Failed!

      Hi Experts!
      I have successfully installed Tuxedo,PeopleTool(64-bit ) and Weblogic(32-bit Generic jar, since Weblogic 64-bit is not available and could manage with generic jar) on Windows Server 64-bit. While installing PIA I could assign the directory where weblogic is installed at this point it's triggering a warning message that PIA requires 64-bit weblogic (I could move further despite the warning message and I am sure a generic jar version of weblogic can replenish the absence of 64-bit), whereas at the end of the installation it shows an error as PIA installation failed and the log file produced the following comments
      PS_HOME: D:\pt852

      Install Action : CREATE_NEW_DOMAIN

      Creating Domain...

      Deploying Web Applications...

      Deploying WebLogic Extension files...

      Deploying PeopleSoft Site files...

      Deploying PeopleSoft Site Doc files...


      PS_CFG_HOME: D:\pt852

      Please respond ASAP!
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          you need to install tuxedo 32 bit and not 64bit for a 64&32bit machine installation...

          install jrockit jdk& weblogic 10.3.4 is to be used..

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            That could come from many reasons.

            From edlivery.oracle.com, Peopletools 8.52 folder, you should download :
            JRockit JDK R28.1 for Java SE 6 with JRockit Mission Control 4.0.1 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit x86)
            Tuxedo 10gR3 for MS Windows Server 2008 w/MS VS 2008 x86 32-bit
            Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.4) Generic and Coherence

            Do you have some more input under webserv directory ? There should be a log file.
            How did you created the PIA ? Which user is in used ?
            Please give us more details.