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    Reports config file: fixed values replaced by template config file

      Context: OS Linux, Version 11.1.2
      Problem Statement: The configuration files for the in-process reports server which contain fixed values after installation and configuration, are replaced with files containing $$Self values and these cause problems in starting engines to process the reports.
      Detailed description:
      While cleaning up some tmp a number of these tmp's are not as tmp as one would expect on linux ...
      During the installation of Oracle Forms and Reports server on a linux environment the rwserver.properties file is constructed based on a template but the $$ variables are replaced by the real values as they are determined at the moment of the configuration of the initial reports server installation.
      One temp directory ($DOMAIN_HOME/servers/WLS_REPORTS/tmp/_WL_user/reports_11.1.2/uxabaw) contains a number of template files.
      As this seemed to be a temporary directory (+tmp+) the uxabaw directory was removed. Upon restart however the directory got recreated but ... and this is where our problem comes, rwservlet.properties and a number of other files in $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/servers/WLS_REPORTS/applications/reports_11.1.2/configuration gets replaced by template versions which is the same as the one in the newly created directory. And this happens for a number of config files in that directory. The result is however that reports requests fail ... with errors against the $$ values ...
      Can anybody shed a light on this to know if this is normal behaviour or not and how to accomplish that the original file gets recreated.
      Anyway the above mentionned uxabaw directory, which is mentionned in the reports_install.properties file, must make part of the backup process