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Carriage Return

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I have a customer who uses Oracle Discoverer to pull data into a flat file (.csv). It contains 16 fields and uses commas as field delimiters. When I open up the file, it only contains a LF at the end of each row for a row delimiter and I need it to contain both a LF and CR. The customer is insistent that this cannot be done. From what I see on the internet, this might not be the case. Can anyone please assist me with confirming whether or not it can be done, and if it can, can you please share some tips?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Discoverer creates files for a windows environment which should just have the LF to separate a line. Unix files have LF and CR as line separators. You could try using a Discoverer calculated item to append the CR to the line using for example col1||CHR(13) but this would not be a very satisfactory solution.

    However, there are numerous tools that you can use to convert windows files to unix files. I am not sure what you have available in your environment, but I would explore this option first.

    Rod West
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    Thanks Rod,

    I don't think the customer would be up for that suggestion (although I like it), but you mentioned something that made me think of another option... I decided to change things on my end and swith the SSIS package to Unicode encoding and adjusted the Row delimiter to LF only. That way, all the customer has to do is change the file encoding.

    Thanks again - I appreciate your help with this!


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