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    Hyperion - Web Server Configuration on Distributed Environment

      We have distributed environment for PROD environment of Hyperion
      Server1 (Web Sever)– HSS, EAS, CAC Manager
      Server2- Essbase
      Server3- FR
      Server4- HFM
      Server5- Planning
      Server6- FDM, ERPi and ODI

      We are in process of configuring and will be loading data into HFM via FDM/ERPi. We have to install and configure ODI to work with ERPi adapter to pull the data from PeopleSoft.

      To run the data load ‘ODI Agent needs to be running. I want to make ODI Agent as the windows service. In the Hyperion version and ODI version the agent has to register to OPMN to make it run as windows service. So this means that I have configure Oracle HTTP server on Server6. Since my Server1 is already a webserver and when I run webserver configuration on server6, will it have any conflict, as I will have two webservers.

      Can we have two Web Servers? How to make the server1 as the Web server for all the modules and Server6 (Web server) just for ODI agent?

      Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.