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    For Custom sales order pick and drop after that ship_confirm


      We need to develop a new custom mobile screen for assigning a task to a employee and to complete next steps like load task and drop task for a sales order

      by using wms_task_mgmt_pub.modify_task i can able to assign a task for a wms person/employee

      after that i am using the inv_pick_wave_pick_confirm_pub.pick_confirm for pick_confirm but i am failing the to associate the mmtt record and wms_dispacthed_tasks.task_id in maintaining a same task in two tables

      and in mean tym once pick confirm is launched the mmtt record is getting cleared but the wms_dispatched_tasks table is not updating and even the task is showing in completed tasks still it is showing in queued only

      how can we associate each step like load and drop of an mmtt record with wms_dispacthed_tasks

      or suggest me an api for completing the transactions like custom pick load and custom pick-drop which works same like as the oracle standard mobile form task picking screen

      It is very urgent requirement ur suggestions or ideas are very help full for me at this peek position

      Hope to hear early from you