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    "Contains unsupported data types" error

      I am trying to install and use Oracle Enterprise R. My installation appears to be successful, but I am having problems with ore.sync(). Here is the code that I am using:
      user = "martin"
      password = "infopower"
      sid = "INFODB"
      host = ""
      ore.connect(user, sid, host, password)
      Warning messages:
      1: "MARTIN"."MARTIN_WT" contains unsupported data types
      2: "MARTIN"."JON_TEST" contains unsupported data types
      3: "MARTIN"."JON_TEST2" contains unsupported data types
      4: "MARTIN"."DIM_MATERIAL" contains unsupported data types
      5: "MARTIN"."DIM_CUSTOMER" contains unsupported data types

      It looks like I have connected successfully to the database, but the ore.sync() command doesn't seem to work. Please help.
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          Denis Mukhin
          ore.sync() does not yet support columns of all types. The following types are not yet supported: LONG, LONG RAW, BLOB, BFILE, TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL families, and UDTs. To bypass tables with these columns it is possible to use ore.sync() with an explicit list of tables specification as in ore.sync(table = c("FOO", "BAR")).