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    Update OIM user profile from process form data


      There is a requirement related to disconnected Application Instance resource (EmailAppInst) in OIM 11g R2.

      By default the oim profile for a user will not generate a value for emailid attribute.

      When an oim user requests for email resource through selfuser console, the emailid gets generated based on the logic (firstname .lastname) through a preprocess adapter attached to the process form and a request for approval goes to the email approver group.

      Once approved, a manual task get assigned to the administartor to complete the task of creating the email in the external system. The infra support checks the process form for the email id generated and checks if the same email id exist for any other user, if it does exist admin changes the email in the process form and completes the request else he just do nothing but completes the request.

      Now after completing the request, Is there a way i can bring the updated emailid attribute of the process form and update the user email under his oim profile