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    Success but not Posted Process Scheduler

      Hi all,
      I just installed HCM 9.1 PT8.52, Demo DB, Oracle 11g Database and Windows server 2008.
      I installed and configured the process scheduler (followed the steps) and created a windows service for it, that is 'Automatically started'.
      When trying to run a process scheduler, I'm getting a run status 'Success' but the 'Distribution Status' is 'Not Posted'.
      I suppose it is not finding the location or something?
      What should I check?

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          Thing to for:
          Add ProcessSchedulerAdmin and ReportDistAdmin Role to the user that start the Process Scheduler
          Default Local node is set to be trusted
          Default Local node needs to be password authenticated
          Create report node and add this to your process scheduler.

          All steps are described in in the installation manual chapter 10 Setting Up Process Scheduler on Windows
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            Thank you!
            The ReportDistAdmin role was missing so I added it.
            I shut down process scheduler and re-run it, but I'm still getting 'Not Posted'
            Is there any additional step to do before trying the reports?

            And the password was missing in the default local node, I added it and it worked!
            Thanks you Hakan!

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