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    Planners users suddenly have Administration option

      Hi there! I'm working on Hyperion Planning I'm managing the security, so I created a tree as follows:

      |_ Group1
      |_ Group1.1
      |_ User1
      |_ ...
      |_ Group1.2
      |_ ...
      |_ Group2
      |_ ...
      |_ GroupX

      I've provisioned All group with the Planner and Interactive user role, and GroupX with the Administrator role.
      It was working fine, until I discovered some days ago that all users have the Administration option in the top menu of Planning (and Workspace).
      However, the don't have all administration options available. The options available are:

      - Import/Export approval processes
      - Edit forms
      - Menus
      - Task Lists
      - User variables
      - Erase cell details
      - Alias tables
      - Sent messages (or something like that)

      [+Sorry if some options don't match exactly, I'm using Hyperion in spanish so I'm translating them myself+]

      Any idea why Planner users can see this?
      Thanks in advance!