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    Data Existing in Unloaded periods

      Hi All,

      I have one query regarding the data existing in unloaded periods.

      The issue is we have created many reports in Hyperion Financial Reporting and we have loaded data for particular months say from April to Oct, and retrieved the reports from Smart View to view in Excel format. But when we see the report the data is also getting existing in Nov month in negative values which we have not loaded. So to hide the data as of now we are using the conditional format option in HFR to make all the cells in the report as 0.

      So is there any correct option for this issue, because every month its becoming an issue to remove the conditional format for the month which is getting loaded, like an Ex:- if we load data for Nov than we need to remove the conditional format for the Nov month for all the reports we have in our HFR to view the correct data, which is an big issue every month.

      Please help me on the above issue.

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          What is the 'view' in your reports? Have you run the consolidation at November?What are the accounts for which you see these numbers?
          It is common that opening balances are calculated based on the previous month closing balances. There could be some accounts which lookup the previous year values.

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            Hi Sunil,

            Thanks for your response.

            The view in our reports in 'Periodic'. Yes we have run the consolidation at November too, but the issue goes on with December now, the next period. Too hide those values in December we are placing Conditional Format option to make the values view as 0.

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              The ghosted data you see in November when viewing reports on a "periodic" basis is expected. Your scenario is setup as YTD for the default data view. When data exists in October on a YTD view and the next month is 0, when looking at the Periodic view the November data will be the negative YTD October amount. This is commonly referred to as "ghosted" data. Technically there is no real data in November since none has been loaded, however the system still assumes that the November YTD 0 amount should also be calculated periodically.

              To get around this you can build all your Income Statement reports in Smartview as YTD and then hide\group those columns. Then do caluclations for each month minusing February from January as an example. That will be your February periodic column. Do this for all months. This is a common way to approach it.

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