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    Not able to edit fileds in java based tools after upversioning to 1.7.0_06.

      Hello experts,

      In our project, we use one java based tool(not mentioning the name because it is project specific).
      We recenlty upversioned our java version from 1.6.0_29 to 1.7.0_06. After upversioning the java, our java based tool is not functioning properly. Few fileds became non-editable. The issue is coming when only xlaunch is used to connect to the lab. That too issue is coming when multiple windows are selected in xlaunch. If I use single-window option then the tool works fine. The tool also works fine if I directly launch it from exceed/xterm(not from xlaunch). Hence the problem is coming with the combination of jre 1.7.0_06 and xlaunch(multiple windows).

      Can anyone kindly help me how to rectify this problem..

      Best wishes....