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    Total or sub-total won't show for any of our Discoverer reports

      We are using Oracle BI Discoverer 11g ( and Operating System: amd64 Windows 7 6.1.

      For some reason, either totals or subtotal won't work in any our DISCO reports. I just realized this a few days back and have tested a few reports. None of them gives me the totals or subtotals. In the cell, it is just 'Sum:' and no values. The amount columns contains no null values for those reports, absolute values either > 0.00 or = 0.00.

      One example: a report for GL journals and here is what I tested after open a DISCO report as a Plus user:

      - In edit mode
      - Under select items page
      - Click on calculation tab
      - Click on My Totals
      - Click on New Totals
      - Then choose a detail amount such as period_cr, total=f(x)sum, choose either grand total at bottom or subtotal at each change in: (I picked journal name)
      - When the result comes back, in total or subtotal cell, there is only Sum: and not like Sum: 12,345.67

      Very strange and I remember those reports worked for us before. We just moved to 11 a few months back and I am not sure if that has anything to do with this.