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    Design OAF pages for Mobile Application

      Hi All

      I need to develop OAF page application to access from a Mobile devices ,
      We have reviewed OADeveloper Guide , It's there any other development guide or any other document which can help them on the same.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Sumit Chandra Sharma
          I am not sure of any guide available, but I have dont it few years back wherein we created custom solution which would be available on mobile devices in an Windows CE environment. The solution was integrated with OPM, OM and AR modules.

          If you have some specific queries, I can try to answer.

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            Kalimuthu V-Oracle
            I have develop a custom Application using OAF, but it will be used in Windows Mobile.
            Which will internally do some procurement operations and warehouse operations like
            creation of PO, creating Move Order, creation of LPN ...etc.

            But it has lot of drawbacks like, some of the javascript enabled functions like switcher...etc will not work in mobile ,
            in those case you might need to find a workaround with your own javascript.
            From the Java API you can see the handheld is not supported, then the mobile will not work.

            And I am not sure there is any certification that which will tell that what mobile device is support by OAF..etc.

            The approach is,

            You have to create a page, and associated with a menu as usual,
            but the mene should be associated with a responsibility of type "Mobile Application".

            Then when you login as a user via mobile device as a user who got the above defined responsibility, you will get your page.

            There are different emulators to test, in Firefox there is a mobile agent add on is a very simple and a good one.

            Let me know if you need more details.


            With regards,