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    P6 V6.0

      I am a novice and have purchased an old P6 V6.0 package from eBay in effort to learn how to work with the program. I have installed the program, but when I try to run it, my first error message is: "Current license file is not valid for this version. Please contact your supervisor." The next one is: " Invalid login name or password. Please try again or choose to exit the application."

      Obviously, there is no supervisor as I purchased the system. I saw one solution of leaving the Login Name as "admin" and entering "null" for the password, but that did not work either.

      I hope someone can help with this as my efforts to work with Oracle have been fruitless and I would like to learn as much as I can before attending any formal training.

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          Hopefully you received a LICENSE.TXT file with your purchase or one can be obtained here: [Primavera License Key Files|http://www.oracle.com/us/support/licensecodes/primavera/index.html]
          Please be aware that if you do not rightfully own a license then using the ones available online will mean that you accept a trial agreement.

          To load a license file for the Project Management or Methodology Management database(s), perform the following steps:

          Start the database configuration wizard by browsing to Start, Programs, Primavera, Help and Utilities, Database Configuration.
          At the Welcome Screen select Next.
          Select Administration Tasks (licenses, passwords, etc). Select Next.
          Select Configure database license. Select Next.
          Select the desired Database and Alias. Select Next.
          Enter the privileged database user login information (default is privuser/privuser). Select Next.
          Select OPEN button.
          Browse to the appropriate license file, and select OPEN again.
          When you get confirmation that the license file has been loaded, click OK.
          Click FINISH to close the wizard.

          The default application login for a standalone installation is Username: admin Password: admin

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            You should have received a license file (TXT file) with your purchase. Without a valid license file, you cannot load Primavera P6.

            Incidentally, check if the computer clock is showing incorrect time. Rectifying this may solve the problem.