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    JSK vs Standalone


      I've played around with several of the WCS JSKs and they're great at providing a lot of the Sites "family" functionality but ultimately they're stunted and hacked to be as small and portable as possible. I've got a OELv5.8 VM with ODB, WLS and WCS running no problem but I'd like to add Community and/or Gadgets to the mix. Is it simply impossible to have a single VM instance with all the moving parts of Sites working in harmony? This doesn't seem like it should be impossible - especially considering some of the the JSKs manage it.

      Ultimately a JSK is fine for a quick demo or something but a singular, relatively portable (20GB) WCS instance you can sink your teeth into, customize for real demos, refine with development, etc is really a necessity in this day and age. I know it's a broad question but opinions or pointers to better documentation (the PDFs lack in non-enterprise scenario discussion) would be appreciated!