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    Endeca limitation for laguages that are not supported

    Michal Grochowski-Oracle
      I would like to implement Endeca for Polish customer but unfortunatelly I ve found that it doesnt support other languages then English and few others.
      Its written that :
      "Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID) has been optimized to support ingest,display,fullsearch,navigation and text enrichment for the English language."
      How can I understand that ? Does it mean that when I want to use Endeca for other languages I cant get ingest,display,fullsearch,navigation and text enrichment ?
      If there is any workaround ? When other languages will be supported ? Then ofcourse does it make sense to use Endeca for the languages that are not supported ?
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          Michael Peel-Oracle
          Endeca supports most languages, but there are a few limitations. For Polish, the limitations (from memory) are:
          1) No out-of-the-box stemming support - you may wish to use http://snowball.tartarus.org/ to generate a stemming file
          2) No phonetic spell correction, only edit-distance-based - you need to use espell rather than the default aspell for spell-correction
          I think all other features (stop words, thesaurus, word break analysis, did-you-mean, navigation, etc.) work the same.

          You can find out more in the Using Internationalized Data section in the Advanced Developer's Guide here:
          If you need to support English and Polish for the same data set, this section is also particularly useful as you can use language identifiers on a per-record and per-query basis.