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    VM storage setup, 2-node RAC

      In our configuration, we only have two 2 host machines and the VMM runs off a separate VM servers. We are planning on using the Oracle published RAC Template to create a 2 node RAC, where in each node will reside on one physical host.

      My current issue is with SAN storage, am unable to register it with VMM, but i am able to scan and discover them on each of the hosts. (Servers and VMS --> Server Name --> Physical Disks).

      Since i can only create repositories common to a given server pool. Can i have both my hosts machines in one pool and still be able to configure RAC ?
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          You can have them all in one single server pool but you can't have HA enabled. RAC is not supported in production using HA in Oracle VM. Then again. That is what RAC is really about. You wouldn't want your RAC nodes to live migrate to a single server.

          AS far your SAN is concerned....

          Do a multipath -ll on one your servers and post the output.

          What type of SAN are you using?

          I can tell you have multiple RAC databases running on Oracle VM on a SAN and everything works great. Oracle VM native multipathing works fantastic with ASM.