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    Tabular Form Default Value PL/SQL

      The user of the tabular form wants to do the following. Take the number of weeks (gestational age) for a line in the tabular form then add those weeks to the date the patient became pregnant.

      there is a column in the table called GEST_AGE_START_CD and their is a field in the tabular form called LMP_DT.
      They would like to use those two fields to automatically calcuate a date field in the fom called REQUIRED_BY_DT.

      So when the form closes, I want to use the formula lmp_dt+(start_gest_age_cd*7) determine the required_by_dt and then save that to the table.

      I have been trying to accomplish this using the default value optionn for the coumn required_by_dt.

      this is not working and does not save the value to the table.

      If there is a tutorial on this I would appreciate some help.