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    EDI X12 820 to PFF

      B2B Gurus,

      I would like to translate Inbound 820 data into a PFF file and feed it to the BPEL process. I have created the definition and parser schema files (ecs, xsd) for source and target formats. Created the mapping ems file in B2B Map Builder. Next step added the doc definitions in Oracle B2B console and while trying to create a MAPSET in the B2B console, the ADD button is NOT ENABLED for the doc definitions? Question:

      1) Is it possible to translate the X12 to PFF via MAPSET on Oracle B2B side or should we use XSLT mapper on BPEL side?

      Any advise is greatly appreciated.

      I can provide the source if required?

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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle

          I am not sure but as far as I know it is not supported as of now. The B2B documentation says -
          The Oracle B2B Console supports mappings for different HIPAA X12 messages to each other, as well as different versions of HL7 to each other.

          You may log a SR with support for formal confirmation.

          As you might be already aware, you may use format builder in SOA composite to translate EDI XML into PFF.