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    Unable to export BPM Project

      I'm on Jdeveloper and have installed the plugin bpm-jdev-extension.zip and have successfully created a BPMN process. I've been able to deploy the composite and it works great.
      However, I'd like to be able to export the project in Jdeveloper. When I go to the export option, the only item I see is "UML as XMI".
      It doesn't give me the option to export the BPM project.

      Any ideas?
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          Ravi Jegga
          Hi Mike
          I am little bit confused. What exactly do you want to Export. Like your entire application to some other machine. Or you want to deploy this application on some other soa/bpm domain. If so, then you need to get JAR for your workflow project and EAR for all the rest of the things. Incase if you already deployed this once to any domain, then under your application root folder/deploy folder, look for any EAR or JARs. Just take those and deploy to any other soa domain. Generally under your workflow project also you should see a folder named deploy and under this see a workflow jar sca_MyProcess_rev1.0.jar. While deploying if you choose option to include all taskdetails also in the same jar, you will have only one deployment file. Just take this and deploy to any other soa domain.
          If you want to export the source code itself, you can copy the entire application folder and move to any other jdeveloper folder or other machine.
          For any application/project in JDeveloper, you can go to properties for that -> Deployments -> and create any new Deployments you want like JAR, EAR, WARs etc.

          Ravi Jegga
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            I want to export the project. In the past, I would export it to a .exp file, where the option "Export BPM Project" had allowed me to do that.
            That's missing now.
            Yeah, I could always just copy the whole directory, but the .exp file much more compact and convenient.