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    Few doubts in Web ADI

      Hi Techies,

      1) In Web ADI, it process row by row. An interface 'plsql procedure'/'java validator' executes for each row.
      Is it possible to know that the current row is a first or last row?

      In java, I found a parameter "bne:IDX", which tells the line number. So, if the value is '1' then I think I can identify it as first row. Is there any way to find the last row?

      2) In java validator file, the startupValidator() and shutDownValidator() methods execute once for a batch. is it?
      I mean I enter few rows in excel (first batch) and click on 'Upload'. and later enter other records (second batch) and click on 'Upload'. So in this case, the above java method startupValidator() executes 2 times in total. Like first time after upload click of the first batch and second time excecutes after upload click of the second batch.

      3) In java validator, we can execute a sql statement defined in its sql class extending 'BneBaseSQL'. In the same way, if we define a Update sql statement in its SQL class then does it executes without any issues?

      EBS Version - 12.1.3


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          In your PL/SQL package procedure have a custom table which will have the index number stored.

          So once all the records are stored you will have the index number stored there.

          If you give me the exact requirement then may be I could give you some solution, it might be difficult to serve you a piece meal but we may be able to provide a full course menu once you state the exact issue