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    Unable to display the ClobDomain value in adf table

    Gowtham S
      Hi ,
      I have a database table whose column is Clob. Accordingly the Entity Attribute and VO attribute are of type. oracle.jbo.domain.ClobDomain

      Now this VO is wired as a ADF Table in jsff page. I am setting the value programmatically inside the AM by using the following.

      //Code inside AM
      String text="some xml";
      ClobDomain clobval=new ClobDomain(text.toString())

      Now at the UI level, I was able to print the value of the attribute inside a bean code. However, in the adf table, this cell is always empty. But if i try to set the value through UI then it works.
      If i make the inputText readonly then it displays the value.
      Am i missing something.

      Inside the af:column
      <af:inputText value="#{row.bindings.VariableValue.inputValue}"
      id="it4" converter="oracle.genericDomain"
      <f:validator binding="#{row.bindings.VariableValue.validator}"/>

      jdev version