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    Materialized view refresh group - how do I see how long the refresh took?

      I'm doing some testing with Oracle XE 11.2 (on Ubuntu 12.04) replicating tables from a remote db into materialized views. I've successfully replicated some tables, and created a refresh group for the tables. There are a number of frustrations:
      1. how long is the refresh taking? I can look in dba_jobs/all_jobs to see when it last ran, and when it is due to next run, but I haven't found where the job/refresh duration is.
      2. the only logs seem to be .trc files in $ORACLE_HOME/diag/rdbms/xe/XE/trace; there's no equivalent of dba_scheduler_job_log for refresh group jobs. Or is there?
      3. how are these jobs run? I see entries in dba_jobs, but nothing matching in dba_scheduler_jobs. So it uses the old-school dbms_job mechanism?

      The general lack of visibility into the refresh mechanism is a bit concerning.