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    How to get value from Qualitative EA.

      On the calculated EA, I would like to get value from qualitative EA then I put this script to the calculation script :
      var flute @ GetCellInMyColumnByRowID('FLUTE').Value.GetQualitativeExtendedAttributeValue();

      the error message shown like this : Objects of type 'Xeno.Prodika.ExtendedAttributeSections.Calculation.IExtendedAttributeExtractor' do not have.....
      which this code i got it from the caluculated attr. material. I cannot save the script. What it must be done to save this EA?

      And if I want to get value from specific cells which it is in different row and column from calculated EA , could i used " GetCell Function"?
      --> var mycell @ GetCell ('rowID', 'cellID') is correct or not?
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          The calculate button is just a helper. It doesn't work when calling values contextually from a custom section that isn't loaded. It shouldn't prevent you from saving the EA. Calculate will work when calling a few out of the box methods, the system will return a specific fixed value depending on which method you are calling.

          We should click button Done instead of calculate.

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            Dmitriy Kolasnikov-Oracle
            I believe you are looking for a GetMultipleValues() method.
            var flute @ GetCellInMyColumnByRowID('FLUTE').Value.GetMultipleValues();
            This method returns an array of selected qualitative or qualitative lookup values. It will return an array containing one element if you have only one value selected in the cell. You can either iterate through array elements to see the values or use index notation like flute[0].

            You can use getCell function to access specific cells - just provide rowID and collumnID as parameters. In case of repeatable rows it will return the first row matching the rowID.

            Hope this helps,