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    Storing Content on Sql Server 2008


      Last time I checked, you were only able to store content on an Oracle database. With Sql Server, you had to resort to using the folder based vault/weblayout arrangemnt.
      I recently got asked if this is still the case, but when I checked the doco, I couldn't see this specified any more.

      So, is it possible to store the content on a Sql Server 2008 database in WebCenter Content 11g?

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          The certification matrix states:

          Version: UCM     11gR1 (     
          Database: MS SQL Server     "2005 (all SP levels included) or 2008 (all SP levels included)"     
          JDBC: WebLogic Type 4 JDBC Driver     

          Oracle UCM and Oracle URM: Database supported for metadata storage, full-text search and file storage.
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