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    ATG Site integration : Locale changing with atgsvcs.js works?

      As per https://recmanager.atg.com/api/renderer/localization.html, passing *<dt>locale</dt><dd>UK</dd>* inside *<dl class="cs-cfg" style="display: none">* should change the currency symbol.
      It internally is supposed to trigger the register method which sets the unicode symbol to this.CUR_SYM.
      But I can't get it working, it always returns $ based price.
      When I checked the js its 80% obfuscated. But the area where the price string is formed, I could see the CUR_SYM is hardcoded to $.

      The script used is
           <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"

      Has anybody got this working? May be I'm missing something in the implementation

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