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    Siebel Bookshelf Workflow Error

    User408980 -Oracle

      I have been following this bookshelf article :


      to fetch Agrrements that are to expire in Siebel Public Sector. The only difference that I have done is that I am working on Service Agreement BC and my search specification is "([Agreement End Date] = Timestamp() + 30)" i.e. I want to fetch all the agreements that are about to expire in 30 days.

      Whatever search spec I gave [Agreement End Date] or [Agreement End Date] + 3000 or [Agreement End Date] - 30 I am getting the same number of records.

      Has anybody followed this before. Am I going wrong some where.

      Problem b: In the same workflow I am having trouble going to the next record I get the error as "Error updating business component at step 'Nxt Record'.(SBL-BPR-00187)"

      Please help. Thank you.