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    Difference between proportional and integer scaling


      Can you explain me the functionality of proportional and integer scaling.
      Also it calculation methods.

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          user355059 raj_ntt data india

          Basically "Scaling" is a proportional increase or decrease of Product/Byproduct/ingredients.

          There are THREE types of Scaling
          a) Proportional (Which increase/decrease depends upon the % or Qty mentioned)
          b) Fixed (Qty are not changed when we select this option)
          c) Intiger ( Is like Proporationate nos which we use for packaging materials for eg. when we manufacture a PAINT for which we need a packing material like TINS/Drums/Buckets...etc which will be selected as "Integers for proportnate Qty)

          Eg. Assume we produce 10000 Lts of Acrylic paint and need to fill either in Tins of 100 ML of 50 TINS OR 2000 ML of Drums, that means when we select "Integer" for these packaging materials (Tin or Drum) as scaling then it will automatically calculate the no of TINS (50 nos) and Drums (5 nos).

          Hope this is clear.