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    Pay Pal payment Group not saved to order if Gift Card is being used.

      In my application I have credit card, pay pal and gift card payment types.

      Each of these types work just fine on their own.

      I can get credit card and gift card payment groups to show up on a single order, but for some reason when doing a pay pal and gift card combo, only the gift card is showing up. The pay pal processor chain is not being kicked off. No errors are being thrown.

      Here is the chain if that helps:

           <pipelinechain name="payPalProcessorChain" transaction="TX_REQUIRED" headlink="createPayPalInfo">
           <pipelinelink name="createPayPalInfo" transaction="TX_MANDATORY">
           <processor jndi="/atg/commerce/payment/processor/ProcCreatePayPalInfo"/>
           <transition returnvalue="1" link="processPayPal"/>
           <pipelinelink name="processPayPal" transaction="TX_MANDATORY">
                <processor jndi="/atg/commerce/payment/processor/ProcProcessPayPal"/>

           <pipelinechain name="giftCardProcessorChain" transaction="TX_REQUIRED" headlink="createGiftCardInfo">
                <pipelinelink name="createGiftCardInfo" transaction="TX_MANDATORY">
                     <processor jndi="/atg/commerce/payment/processor/ProcCreateGiftCardInfo"/>
                     <transition returnvalue="1" link="processGiftCard"/>
                <pipelinelink name="processGiftCard" transaction="TX_MANDATORY">
                     <processor jndi="/atg/commerce/payment/processor/ProcProcessGiftCard"/>